Retreats, Workshop, and Camping

Our oak forest ranch is nestled in the Mt. Hamilton range 2.7 miles past the James Lick Observatory in Santa Clara County on 580 acres, with flowing creeks and plentiful springs.

Types Of Retreats

Trainings, Weddings, Yoga, Exercise, Classes, Reenactment Groups, Survialist training and Cowboys with their horses.



For your use, we have 3 overnight campsites, 1 day use site, and 1 cowboy cabin available for rent. ¬†Each campsite will accommodate 8 campers including their vehicles and gear. Our cowboy cabin is 8’x10’ and will accommodate 2 adults or one child and one adult. Whether you are in a cabin or a campsite you will be provided with Fire Wood and Non-Potable Water . If you prefer to bring your own RV or Toy Hauler you are welcome to do so as we have plenty of open space to accommodate your preference.

Book Camping and Retreats

When planning a trip you will need to use gps coordinates to get up here. We recommend using Google Maps as the coordinates below will take you to the front gate.

GPS Coordinates: 37.3503145608, -121.614535124

Google Maps:

Camping Only

We have six pads for tent camping, you may bring RV's and camper shells. There is space for about 25 cars and 40 tents. Not rentable during Deer Season!


Tent Camping Rates per Person:

1 Day $100

2 Days $200

3 Days $300- Full Weekend (Friday- Noon to Monday- Noon)


The Cowboy Cabin 90 sq.ft. has two cots, one chair, one gun rack and one heater. Not rentable for campers during Deer Season!

Cowboy Cabin Rates Per Person:

1 Day $150

3 Days $300- Full Weekend (Friday- Noon to Monday- 10 AM)


Hiking & Trails

We have cut two trails into the lower area off of Isabel Creek Road which leads to the creek.



Other Things to do

Hike, Dirt Bikes, Camp, Mushroom Hunting, Relax, Swim, Bike, and coming soon... a Shooting Range.


Rest Rooms, Facilities, Bear Boxes

The Campsites has a composting toilet that can take 6 people per weekend.

Please pick dates early, I only allow one party at a time on the ranch.

We try to make it fair to all hunters by allowing one pre tour around the property. If you would like to schedule a tour, please let me know and I can meet you up at the ranch. During that time you can assess the area for turkey as well as pig. As you know hogs are nomadic animals, they can be here one day and gone the next. Just yesterday at the top of the ranch we had 20 hogs rolling in the pond.

We do not have a landing strip at the ranch, but do have a helicopter pad that can be used.

The closest air strip would be Reid-Hillview Airport (San Jose CA) which is at the bottom of the mountain range. You may contact the Operations Supervisor Pam Svrdlin at 408.918.7700 Ext:27707 or by email

Remember we have no cell service, no goggle maps, no land lines and internet.