Welcome to The Berls Soutas Ranch


The Berls Soutas Ranch is 580 acres of beautiful, natural California land nestled in the Mount Hamilton range. We are located about 2.5 miles past the James Lick Observatory in Santa Clara County. We have creeks and springs that flow year round. Wide open spaces that offer views that seem to go on forever. The night sky is clear, crisp and bright with a stunning array of stars. Though it is just a short hour drive from Silicon Valley being on the Ranch not only feels like you have left the city far behind, but that you have stepped out of time to return to a way of being with the land that is simultaneously harmonious, peaceful, and replenishing.
At the Berls Soutas Ranch you will find an array of offerings such as:

• Permaculture Farming
• Hiking
• Camping

• Retreat Space
• Wedding Sites
• Bee Keeping


• Meditation
• Dirt Biking
• Reenactment Guilds

• Sustainable Forestry
• Yoga
• Survivalist Training

Wildlife- Adventures

Camping, Hiking, Survivalist Traning and more...

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Retreats and Workshops

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Retreats, Weddings, Yoga, Meditation and more…

The property at Berls Soutas Ranch is perfect as an easy get away from the rush of the Bay Area. Come to a place that is simultaneously familiar while being completely in tune with the rhythms of life in nature. Being at Berls Soutas Ranch is magical with days that are studded with views that go on forever, the sounds of burbling water in the background and the beautiful landscape of California as it was meant to be experienced.




Agricultural Products


No Chemical Spray Farming. Growing a wide variety of Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables. 

Open Pollen Seed Collection.

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