About The Berls Soutas Ranch


The Berls Soutas Ranch is nestled in the Mount Hamilton range just 2.5 miles past the James Lick Observatory. Jennifer Soutas and Erik Berls purchased the property in April 2013. The couple wanted a place where they could work together using their skills, craftsmanship, and knowledge of farming and sustainable forestry to develop a space they could share with others. The Berls Soutas Ranch is just that. A place people come to so they can connect back to the earth and to their true selves. The rush of the Bay Area seems to fade away in just the hour that it takes to drive to the property. As guests and visitors spend time at the Ranch they seem to come back into the present. It’s easy to breathe deep, rich, full breaths here. The air is clear and clean. Wild life abounds everywhere, natural springs and creeks run year round and the verdant greens and glossy golds fill every view. We love it at our ranch and we hope you will too!

When planning a trip, you will need to use GPS coordinates to get here. We recommended using Google Maps.  The coordinates below will take you directly to the front gate!

GPS Coordinates: 37.3503145608, -121.614535124

Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps


Vision Statement


It is our deep desire that at Berls Soutas Ranch we can create sustainable growth and cultivation of the land that is in keeping with the natural grandeur of the California wilderness. We want the spaces we develop to be inviting, engaging and replenishing. At all times we want to preserve the wide open feeling of the rolling hills and the beauty of the native trees and grasses. We develop the spaces on the Ranch to be in harmony with the water, animals and land.

The Ranch is a place to come home to.

A place to find yourself.

  A place to be yourself.




Thank you everyone for your support and help!